Indonesia Poker Laws – Internet Poker for Indonesians

Indonesia Poker Laws – Internet Poker for Indonesians

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Indonesia is the 4th most populated country which consists of 17,000 islands and 252 million of people. Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia, is the largest metropolitan of the country. The total population of Jakarta alone is 30 million, which makes it the 2nd largest metropolitan in the world.

Gambling in Indonesia:

So it is clear from the figures that there is a huge market where gambling can easily acquire a profit. But, the bad news is the government here has banned gambling. Indonesia is an Islamic country with 90{26882b8ddf6facef1147a35b0702cb168510beec164ca084d6d13a09c81f9176} population having Islam as their religion. Islam religion is not very much in the favor of gambling. But there are some contradictory facts too. Though govt. has banned gambling, but the people over here are interested in gambling. It is not that every Muslim gamble frequently, but they also like to gamble like people of any other religion. Government day by day is becoming very strict over here. There are no casinos and no official establishment to gamble.

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The main reason of the ban on gambling over here is sports betting. People over here are very much fond of sports and often used to spend a lot of money for sports betting. As a result, the government is taking more efforts to stop betting in the country.

 People do have some underground establishment or bookie, but this is more of risks than fun. People always have to be very cautious as often raids are done. So obviously it is not very convenient. So they switch to online gambling. Though the online gambling sites are also banned in Indonesia but still people use them with the help of virtual private network.

Poker in Indonesia:

Since gambling is illegal in Indonesia, Poker indonesia also has the impact and is not that much popular.

It is surprising that poker in Indonesia is somehow making its presence whereas there was a famous successful player John Juanda, who professionally played poker and later moved to America.

But the good news for the poker players in Indonesia is that online poker gambling sites are still not banned in the country. Since the main concern of the government is about sports betting, poker games are much further in their list. The main problem the poker players in Indonesia are facing right is depositing and withdrawing of money to and from the poker sites.